Over 35 million citizens will have the opportunity to vote on Sunday, during a period of about 11 hours, getting underway at 9am, but when will the results be known, when will we find out who will govern our Town Halls and, also of course, the autonomous communities.

Although there are many questions on a day like 28M, this is perhaps the one that generates the most interest: when will the results be known? When will we know who will be our mayor or the president of our community?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the votes cannot begin to be counted until all of the polling stations are closed, and although in some places the count can begin very quickly, particularly if the number of voters is low, we will start getting some indications with the exit polls during the course of the afternoon.

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But this will only serve as a thermometer, because the real results will not known until later. Once the voting stations are closed, the scrutiny begins and it is only from then on that the data can begin to come out.

According to the Data Dissemination Centre, they say that the first results will be known around 9 p.m., one hour after the polling stations close.

You should also bear in mind that the results that are known tonight are not definitive, although they will be fairly close.

To know the final results, we will have to wait a few days more with the final scrutiny (or count of votes) carried out on the fifth day after the vote, that is, in this case, on June 2, 2023, in a single public act.

The session begins with the secretary reading the legal provisions, which is followed by the opening of the envelopes (envelope number 1 with the electoral documentation for each table) that were delivered to the courts on election day.