Los Montesinos Musical Group President Jose Francisco Paredes Pérez has presented Mayor José Manuel Butron with a photograph of the Vega Baja town’s band.

The future of the band was in jeopardy, almost two decades after the recession crisis hit in 2007, but the MMG played on with the backing of the town hall.

“Thank you very much to La Agrupación Musical Montesinos for giving me this beautiful image of the entire band from our town,” said Mayor Butron.

“The photograph is from the day the MMG won the regional Provincial Contest. It will now represent Alicante in Valencia in the grand final in October,” he said.

“In 2007, with the crisis, we had to decide whether to continue with our school, privatise it or close it, we bet on music and I have never regretted it,” said Mayor Butron.

Jose Francisco Paredes Pérez said: “Jose Manuel, thanks to you, in addition to your support for the Band and the School.

“There are very few concerts where you do not accompany us, in the town, and elsewhere, and the Band thanks and appreciates your support.”

Mayor Butron added: “Today we have many great musicians – and we are noted by our school and our music.”