The mayor of Pilar de la Horadada, José María Pérez Sánchez, has revealed the list which he will take to the polls on 28M.

There will be twelve men and twelve women on the list of 21 candidates plus three substitutes. Eight of the eleven current councillors will stand again.

José María Pérez Sánchez explained that most of his current team will stand for re-election because “we have had a legislature, during which there was a great deal of damage, the pandemic and now the war, which has made it difficult to implement many of the ideas that we want to develop in the future”. However, “we have fulfilled the electoral program almost in its entirety, and what we have not been able to do we can explain why”. In addition, he states that they have covered the priority needs of Pilar de la Horadada, providing more than 2 million euros in aid to offset the effects of the crisis amongst families, SMEs and the self-employed, together with another million and a half euros in different consumer voucher campaigns that have supported local businesses.”

The mayor says that he has assembled a team of “honest, hardworking, capable, committed and enthusiastic candidates who are determined to continue improving the quality of life of all of us who live in Pilar de la Horadada”.  The PP currently has 11 councillors. Their top 15 candidates are:

  1. José María Pérez Sánchez, 2. María del Mar Sáez Martínez, 3. Ángel Albaladejo Miralles, 4. Rufino Lancharro Muñoz, 5. Asunción Sánchez Martínez, 6. José Antonio Martínez Delgado, 7. María Nieves Moreno Moreno, 8. Darío Quesada Ferrer, 9. Rosario Rojano González, 10. Melisa García Roda, 11. Pedro Miguel Moya Albaladejo, 12. Elísabet Marcos López, 13. Eva María Martínez Pagán, 14. José Antonio Sáez Egea, 15. Antonio José Villaescusa Pastor.