With the summer season getting underway in the middle of Easter and with new flights the clear objective for Corvera airport is to recover the travellers they had before the pandemic.

Last year ended with 20% fewer passengers than pre covid but in speaking to the press last week the new director, Carlos San Martín, was extremely ‘bullish’ as he explained that, already, the throughput for the summer season has increased by 3% with a total of 19 destinations.

Six regular companies, Ryanair, easyJet, Tui Fly, Binter, Volotea and Air Arabia, and two connections via charter flights (Delfin Travel and Fischer) will operate this summer season from the airport, which incorporates two new easyJet routes with Manchester and London /Luton and another with Brno by charter flight. Also, Ryanair has increased its frequencies with East Midlands and Birmingham.

The United Kingdom, which continues to be the main passenger market, will have 6,29,500 seats on the 48 scheduled flights each week to nine destinations (Bournemouth, East Midlands, Glasgow, Bristol, London Stansted, London Luton, London Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester).

There will also be direct links with Dublin (Ireland), Antwerp, Bruges/Ostend (Belgium), Casablanca and Oujda (Morocco) and Prague and Brno (Czech Republic) by charter flight. National traffic will include routes to Palma de Mallorca, Menorca, Oviedo, Santander and Gran Canaria.

With 830,000 passengers in total, the Murcia Region International Airport has already recovered 80% of travellers compared to 2019, the majority destination being the United Kingdom, with 629,500 people transiting through the terminal last year.

Some way behind were the number of people using domestic flights, with 84,150 passengers, while the connection with Ireland was the third most used with 58,590 passengers in 2022. Morocco managed to position itself as the fourth most popular country Likewise, thanks to the routes with Oujda and Casablanca.

Madrid, Barcelona and France to grow

With the aim of attracting new markets, Corvera airport has launched an offer aimed at attracting companies with links to three priority destinations. These include connections with Madrid, Barcelona and Galicia. They are also working to enter into talks with France.