As of this week, security at Alicante-Elche Airport has been boosted by the arrival of an additional 34 Guardia Civil officers.

Primarily, the new stations will strengthen the team who actively prevent smuggling, fraud and other tax crimes, as well as to carry out custody, control and surveillance of the airport.

This latest influx increases the security detail by 30%, with one of the reasons given being the growth in the needs for agents derived from the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the high influx of passengers that pass through the Alicante airport each year.

Alicante-Elche Airport is fifth in the ranking of national airports by volume of passengers after Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and Malaga. It continues to occupy the leadership by number of British passengers, of about six million since the start of Brexit. Last February it achieved its record with 790,766 passengers, of which the main issuer was the United Kingdom with 267,268 travellers.