According to a report from the Los Verdes in Torrevieja, the “urgent” project to expand the Local Police station in Torrevieja, approved two years ago, has still not be processed, adding yet another failure to deliver by the ruling Partido Popular (PP) government, another example, they say, of the “mixture of ineptitude and disinterest in priority issues shown by the Partido Popular.”

“Despite the fact that the councillor responsible for the Local Police, the recruitment councillor, the Contracting Table, the general directors of urban planning and contracting and the director of the Legal Department are involved in this project, we are facing a new government fiasco that has not been able, in 4 years and with an absolute majority, to carry out a single project of real importance for the well-being of the citizenry” , indicated the candidate for Mayor in Torrevieja, if Los Verdes do well in the elections, Israel Muñoz.

“On the other hand, the local government team has been dizzying the last seven months, with the preparation of reports and counter-reports (specifically ten), until finally getting the contract to be terminated. And this implies that the whole process must start over from the beginning.”

“It is really necessary that we ask ourselves how it is possible that no project ends up materialising in Torrevieja. All the promises of the PP during these 4 years in office have remained nothing more than mere verbiage, something in which Eduardo Dolón is an expert like few others. This ineptitude and lack of interest in solving the most urgent aspects of our municipality is unacceptable, if we think about the astronomical salaries that all members of this government pocket and that we Torrevejenses pay “, Muñoz concluded.

It should be noted in that sense that the current Mayor, Eduardo Dolón, is one of the few politicians in the region who accepts a double salary, one for his position in the local government, and the other for work in the provincial platform. When the Los Verdes held the position of Mayor in the last administration, their representative, José Manuel Dolón, donated his salary from his position in Torrevieja to local associations and charities, as he himself was in receipt of a pension.