The Guardia Civil, in response to the National Plan against the Consumption of Narcotics in Leisure Areas, arrested of four people in Torrevieja, believed to be part of a gang dedicated to drug trafficking in premises registered as cannabis associations, which were located in the vicinity of places dedicated to leisure.

Following complaints from members of the public, The Guardia Civil began monitoring two premises in the vicinity of leisure areas and with movement of minors, registered as cannabis associations and with irregular behaviour.

After the investigations of the agents, it was possible to verify how from the public highway, the consumption of narcotic substances was observed inside, a fact that can promote or encourage the consumption of substances, as well as it was possible to confirm, by means of two complaints made by the Guardia Civil, the illegal purchase by customers of substances such as hashish, marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Once judicial authorisation was approved, the entrances and searches of the premises were carried out, resulting in the arrests of two men, one British and the other a Spaniard, aged 24 and 28, respectively, and two women, one Spanish and 30 years old and the other Romanian and 35.

In addition, the investigators seized 1,600 grams of marijuana, 590 grams of hashish, 24 joints prepared for sale, 20 doses of cannabis derivatives, dosing bags, 5 precision scales, 2 brass knuckles, 4 daggers of large dimensions and 7,000 euro in cash.

For clarification, the consumption of marijuana and its derivatives inside cannabis clubs, being private and closed premises, are under the legal protection of LO 1/2002, of March 22, which regulates the right of association, but the act of cultivation, preparation or illegal trafficking of narcotic and psychotropic substances, or that otherwise promote, favour or facilitate the illegal consumption of toxic drugs, as well as possession and consumption on public roads, is totally prohibited.

The detainees were charged with a crime of criminal organisation and another against public health for drug trafficking, and the premises were judicially closed. The detainees and the seized effects were placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court number 2 of Torrevieja, the Judicial Authority decreeing the release with the imposition of precautionary measures for all of them.