Questions have been raised in Torrevieja as to why yet another development project launched with a huge fanfare by the Mayor, Eduardo Dolón, this time the Agamed building and the university headquarters, have been paralysed.

10 months ago the Partido Popular (PP) government team promised that the works would be completed by this September, but they have been paralysed for months. In January the mayor announced that the structure would be erected, but not a single stone has been moved in almost 3 months. Everything indicates that the new building is going to become another unfulfilled promise of the PP in this legislature.

This is according to Pablo Samper, candidate for mayor of Sueña Torrevieja, who says that “today only the land has been raided and some garages demolished, but the works have been paralysed for months without prospects of resuming and failing to meet the deadlines promised by the PP government team, so we are on our way to a new unfulfilled promise of Mayor Eduardo Dolón”.

10 months ago, the mayor of Torrevieja stated that the building permit will be processed so that immediately after the demolition is finished, the works of the building can begin, with an execution period of 14 months being foreseen, so it is expected that the new building will be in operation at the beginning of the next school year 2023/2024″.

Samper affirms that “at the beginning of January the mayor affirmed that the excavations would begin, and the structure would be erected, without having begun in the following two months”

In March, Dolón apologised for the delay of the works due to the increase in costs that have gone from 3.2 million to 4 million euro, an increase that has been occurring since January last year, so in the words of Samper “it is not something that has caught them by surprise”.

Samper concludes by stating that “being the savings of the current rent in the last 4 years of the concession that ends in November 2028, of 400,000 euro at a rate of 100,000 euros per year, from the end of 2024 that the offices could be used, I want to ask the mayor:

Who is going to cover the remaining €3.6 million deficit?”