The Torrevieja Hospital Working Committee has decided to delay the strike that it had announced for Easter “for responsibility”, since they are aware of the “impact that it would have for users to hold it on Holy Thursday, so we moved it to Tuesday 11 April“, explained Fran García, from CC OO. The announcement was made during the reading of the manifesto at the doors of the Hospital, where the workers who held a new protest demanded that the Ministry negotiate a new agreement.

Thus, the announcement made yesterday by the minister a few kilometres from Torrevieja, during the signing of the reconsideration act by which the expansion works of the Vega Baja Hospital began, where he said that a single agreement will be negotiated for all reversions. The promise that the regional ministry has already asked the Social Court of Elche to withdraw the complaint in which it asked to challenge the working agreement does not serve the committee either. “Until we see the car, they are words, and the words are carried away by the wind,” said Yolanda Hidalgo, a member of the Hospital Committee.

The strike is therefore maintained but a few days after Easter, in a period in which tourism is also visible in the region and the population increases significantly. Regarding the negotiation of that agreement together, they have indicated that they have no official record of that request for joint negotiation. Although they do not refuse and would be willing to enter into it, they warn: It will have to be with the most advantageous conditions of all the reverted departments (alluding to Alzira) and they remember that the Torrevieja Committee must be included in the negotiation since they are the only ones legitimised to reach agreements that affect their staff.