Valencia’s Ministry of Health has contacted 249 Family Medicine and Primary Care Paediatrics professionals who have passed the legal retirement age of 66 years and four months, but who are still under 70 years, to offer them, what they term as, active retirement. The invitation allows these doctors to continue working or return to work, full-time or part-time, while simultaneously receiving 75% of their pension.

This possibility is brought about because of the modification of the General Social Security Law approved on December 28 and allows the staff of Family Medicine and Primary Care Paediatrics, that meet certain criteria, voluntarily, to be able to reconcile their remuneration with a part of their retirement pension.

For the moment, the General Directorate of Human Resources of the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health has received 33 requests for an active extension, and 2 for reinstatement after retirement. Another 31 professionals who are going to retire this year could also apply for active retirement.

The measure, seeks to encourage the prolongation of the working life of these professionals to respond to the needs of the National Health System.