The spokesman for the Partido Popular in Orihuela, Rafael Almagro, has said that if his party is re-elected to power in the May Municipal elections they will move the Tourist Office which, only days ago, was relocated from it’s original site in Plaza de Ramos to the Palacio de Marqués de Arneva.

Although the cost of the move by the PSOE/C’s was never declared, it is thought to run into many thousands of euros of taxpayers money, funds that could have been put to much better use.

Almagro said that the tourist office needs to be back outside and more accessible to the general public as it’s new location, inside the Palacio de Marqués de Arneva, is not a place for a tourist office, as it violates practically every accessibility parameter.

He added that the Marqués de Arneva Palace, was only ever intended for institutional use.