A warning has been issued following an attempted mugging in Campoamor.

The attack took place in the car park at Mercadona, leading to Stewart Knox being assaulted by a female mugger.

Stewart, from San Miguel, who suffered several scratches to a hand after the failed mugging, said: “Beware of this young woman (pictured). She is a mugger and she attacked me in Mercadona car park, Campoamor.

“She got inside my car driver’s door before I could close it, but I knew what her game was. I kicked her out – but she dived back in grabbing my left arm and removed my watch.”

Stewart continued: “She was very slick, but I grabbed her hand and a handful of her hair with my other hand.

“She fought like a cat, but no way was I letting go of her hand, or her hair. She was clearly in serious pain screaming at me to let go.

“But I held on for several minutes, until she finally released my watch. I then let her go – and she ran off.

“I was left with several scratches to my left hand and the bracelet to my watch broken.”

A photo of the assailant was taken from a dashcam recording of a member of the public who came to Stewart’s assistance.

Stewart added: “Please keep your eyes open and watch out for this mugger cruising supermarket car parks.”

Photo of assailant taken from dashcam.
Stewart Knox: Attacked in car park at Mercadona, Campoamor.