The municipal group of Los Verdes de Torrevieja have denounced what they have described as “yet another irregularity” of the local government in Torrevieja, run by the Partido Popular (PP).

The greens explain that “the Law regulating Local Treasuries establishes in its section 4 the obligation to send a copy of the budgets approved at the local level to the State Administration and to the corresponding Autonomous Community. However, as usual in local government procedures, this documentation was not sent within the legally established period, since the current budget is the one extended in the year 2021”.

At this point, “we want to list the treasury documentation that is still incomplete, despite having already been requested on multiple occasions. Specifically, the treasury documentation is missing, the balance of the cash register, bank certificates and bank reconciliation”.

In the same request, it is pointed out, they add, that the documentation on the treasury of the Board of Habaneras is also incomplete; that the treasurer’s report on the balances of the Town Hall’s cash registers is missing.” In addition, “Regarding the reconciliation statements, they show inconsistencies between the tonnage certificate and the bank certificates. That is to say, what is said to have happened does not square with what can be demonstrated, with the seriousness that this implies”.

Los Verdes de Torrevieja “demand that Eduardo Dolón and his team of general directors, belonging to the so-called “club of one hundred thousand” comply with their obligations to report on budget matters to higher administrations, in a timely manner, as says the law.”