Infant students at the CEIP Josefina Manresa and Fernando de Loaces in Orihuela returned to school after classes were suspended last week, as a preventive measure, due to a fuel leak from the diesel tank that fed the heating system.

The leak was apparently caused by work that was carried out this summer and was not detected until the central heating was started up. The fault was repaired last Friday by the responsible company and “just today the heating has been used in the two educational centres. Now, the fuel will be withdrawn”, reported María García, Councillor for Education.

The company TRAGSA, specialised in removing this type of product, “has attended the centre’s facilities, has verified that the spillage is small and has informed us that it is convenient to remove it at through a different method than evaporation, since it is much faster to eliminate it”, explained García.

After the checks and diagnosis of the specialised company, TRAGSA will eliminate the fuel using a product that neutralises diesel quickly. Thus, the Councillor for Education assures that “at no time has there been a risk for the students. The decisions we have made have been preventive and to prevent children from being exposed to the strong smell of diesel. Today, the students have resumed classes in another pavilion until next week, when they will be able to return to their classrooms with all the health guarantees.