We often wonder just how concerned the Orihuela city based politicians really are about the plight of those of us who are living on the coast.

We are all aware of the horrendous inequalities that we suffer but are the municipal councillors?

Other than the millions of euros in funding that we provide for their salaries, the upkeep of the historic city, it’s dozens of fiestas and parades, the occasionally visited museums, convents, monastery’s, churches, monuments, palmeral; are they really bothered that we have to make do with abandoned parks, pot holed roads, dirty streets, overflowing rubbish bins, floods of sewage, inadequate medical facilities, no public transport and a lack of basic services.

More to the point, do they really give a damn?

Orihuela’s elected officials know that Orihuela Costa could be a paradise, but instead, together with Torrevieja, it has the worst air pollution in Spain, due to the volume of traffic on the N332, yet the greedy authorities and their corporate chums want to build 22,000 more houses over the next 20 years, which will result in more traffic, more pollution, more medical problems and an even greater deterioration in coastal public services.

But the Orihuela government still gave it’s approval to the construction of 2,228 more properties on Cala Mosca, the last parcel of natural land on the coast, running alongside the N332, which is already responsible for high volumes of traffic and long tail backs, causing it to be the most polluted stretch of road in Spain.

Sitting in a traffic jam on the N332, breathing foul polluted air, whilst in a stationary car, will soon become the norm, particularly during the hot summer season?

The Ministry of Transport has said that it does not support the development on Cala Mosca for this very reason, yet the Orihuela government will not accept the decision, despite it being approved at a national level in Madrid. Why? Greed of course!

Residents and property owners in Orihuela Costa provide 60 % of the council’s annual income,  which is used to pay for services and infrastructure across the entire municipality, but only 20% of the budget, at best, is spent on the coast, despite the population of Orihuela Costa far exceeding that in the city of Orihuela.

The greatest number of properties sold are also on the coast, but on making these purchases, buyers are not aware of the shortcomings of the area, or the lack of services and infrastructure, foundations that should be provided for everyone living in Spain.

Costa’s dirty streets are littered with rubbish and pot holes, beaches are regularly washed away, sewage pipes are broken causing foul smells, particularly during periods of rain, all because of the greed and disregard of the Orihuela government, yet they still insist on promoting Orihuela as a seaside resort, with Zenia Boulevard shopping centre the main attraction, along with the 11 ‘so called’ Blue Flag beaches.

Orihuela Costa is famous for it’s great golf courses, these alone bring over many thousands of tourists to enjoy the game, particularly during off-peak periods. Many are second homeowners, they pay their taxes, they too want better services and infrastructure. Not too much to ask is it?

Tourism is as important to Orihuela Costa as it is to the city of Orihuela, showcasing and promoting the area, as well as creating employment for future generations.


PIOC will continue to campaign for urgent improvements to coastal services. Residents, both retirees and those occasional visitors who invest substantial sums into the area, deserve a decent ‘quality of life.’ Unfortunately we are currently being governed by a municipal council that lacks visionary leadership or any strategic plan?

But in the end, it all boils down to service delivery, work commitment, sensible planning and integrity, all of which would seem to evaporate, just as soon as our elected leaders walk through the doors of al Palacio Marqués de Arneva, the seat of the Orihuela Municipal Government.