The General Director of Educational Inclusion of the Ministry on Education, Raquel Andrés, and the local Councillor for Education of the Castelló de la Plana, Francesc Mezquita, visited two educational centres in La Plana Alta in which the Minister detailed plans for a pilot inclusion project in 17 schools in the region, which will include the Orihuela Costa.

The primary objective of this pilot scheme is to coordinate resources in both education and social services, incorporating public administrations, neighbourhood associations, and NGO´s, to achieve an “inclusive education that does not leave any student behind”, according to the brief.

There are four schools in Castellon taking part in the scheme, eight in the province of Valencia, and in Alicante, there are five centres, including the Los Dolces and Playas de Orihuela schools on the Orihuela Costa.

Raquel Andrés, explains that, through community action plans, “the challenge of involving the whole of society in the education of students who live in the most vulnerable and disadvantaged environments is faced, because only by mobilising all social agents and working jointly and in a coordinated manner from educational centres, social and health services, security forces and bodies, sports and youth services, and associative entities will we be able to create the necessary synergies to move towards reducing inequality.