Monteagudo castle, crowned by a colossal sculpture 14 metres high – the Cristo de Monteagudo – is to have €1.2m restoration that will be completed in 2024.

One of the crowns in Murcia’s history, by the famous Christ of Monteagudo, can be seen on a hill, located on an impressive rocky ridge that rises up to 149 metres above sea level, dominating the Huerta de Murcia.

The ‘old road of Monteagudo’ joins two important communication routes for travellers, being the roads of Alicante and Castilla.

The settlement has been prolonged and uninterrupted throughout history, through the Argaric culture, Iberians, Romans and Arabs eras.

Architectural remains date back to the Islamic period, before the founding of Murcia, having been a rural castle where the surrounding peasants took refuge.

It was a former urban castle, a true Fort and a natural defensive watchtower for the Murcian emirs who resided in the city.

After the Christian conquest it came under the control of the Castilian monarchy.

There are testimonies of visits by Alfonso X el Sabio and that Royal wardens resided there.

The €1.2m restorations at Monteagudo Castle will include a panoramic view of the 12th century Moorish castle – mirador at Alcazar de Ibn Sad ‘Castillejo’ –  in the restoration and conservation project.

Archaeological excavations will be undertaken within the lower enclosure and works undertaken in the upper Chamber areas.

*The Monteagudo Visitor Centre San Cayetano is located at the foot of the Monteagudo castle and offers a tour of the 5,000-year history of the castle