Epiphylllum oxypetalum has a plethora of common names – Dutchman’s Pipe; Jungle Cactus; Lady of the Night; Night blooming Cactus and Queen of the Night!

A night blooming Cactus that grows on the surface of other plants, from which it collects moisture and nutrients: from rain, the air and debris, collected on the host plant.

It has huge, showy, very fragrant white flowers from spring through mid-summer, that open only once, at night, and typically only last that one night.

When pollinated the flowers are followed by 5″ long, oblong, purple red fruits.

Its natural habitat is in a rainforest setting, rather than a hot dry location, so will need more water than most cacti when grown here on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.

They can grow up to 10′ tall and 3′ wide, so if growing in a container ensure the plant remains stable.

Should it become top heavy, either trim long stems back, or repot into a larger or heavier container. It has no true leaves, but flattened stems that can be easily rooted.

Plant in well-draining soil in a location that has partial shade or bright, indirect light.

Soak the soil completely when watering and water frequently, letting the top of the soil dry out between watering. Reduce watering to 1 to 2 times per month during winter.