Quote: ‘Psicotécnico test certificate to check eyesight and reactions needed – also a brief interview with a doctor’



Spain will give British expats the green light to exchange their British driving licences for a Spanish one and return to the roads – after being banned from roads since May 2022.

A statement issued by the British Embassy in Madrid said: “We wanted to let you know what has happened on the driving licence negotiations since the ambassador’s video before Christmas.

Work continued over the holidays and we are pleased to tell you that the legal checks have now been completed on both sides and the final processes required for an international treaty are now underway.

The Agreement will go forward to the Consejo de Ministros for approval. Meetings take place each week and, while we have no control over the scheduling, we hope it will be tabled very soon.

“There will then be a formal exchange of notes and the Agreement will apply once it is published in the BOE (state bulletin). We will keep you informed as things progress.

“Ahead of that, we recommend you get your psicotécnico test in place, as you will need a certificate showing you have passed the test in order to exchange your licence.

Certificates are valid for three months and if you fail it you can retake as many times as you need.

“If you haven’t done it before, the psicotécnico is a short test to check your eyesight and reactions. You may also be required to have a brief interview with a doctor.

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