• What can Madrid’s recovery in the face of an economic crisis teach you as a business leader? Let’s find out. 

What makes a good leader? This is an age-old question with an answer that is complex and multifaceted. There are certain principles, however, that all leaders require. These apply to business leaders as well, they must be knowledgeable, be that about particular markets or techniques such as B2B communication, and they must be steadfast in the face of adversity.

Spain, and indeed the rest of the world, is in the midst of a financial crisis. Triggered by a perfect storm of global events, skyrocketing bills have wobbled even the most successful and established of brands.

What Caused the Economic Crisis?

It’s almost impossible to pinpoint an exact reason as to what caused the economic crisis. However, it has certainly been accelerated by the recent war in Ukraine. This conflict has led to significant increases in fuel and energy bills for both individuals and businesses. The war has pushed up the demand for oil, which in turn raises the prices for all manner of things.

This has led to a steep rise in inflation, which in turn has exacerbated the situation. We can see a vicious circle forming which many experts predict will be difficult to get out of. However, not everyone is so pessimistic, believing this time of economic uncertainty will be over sooner than we realise.

What About Madrid?

The economic crisis is hitting all countries hard, particularly so in European nations. GDP growth is expected to stay static across most major cities in 2023, with a contraction being prepared for in some locations. However, some experts are predicting that Madrid will see a surprise turnaround this year, defying some of the more pessimistic forecasts and joining other expected high-growth cities such as Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dublin, and Oslo.

This more positive economic performance may come about as a result of a robust and resilient labour market, which has seen unemployment numbers remain stable at 12.7%. Despite measures being taken to protect civilians from rising energy bills, revenue is expected to remain relatively stable due to healthy growth.

What Can Business Leaders Learn From This?

As a business leader, it is your responsibility to steer the ship in the direction you believe will offer the company the most success. Sometimes, this can mean sailing into uncharted waters where, in theory, anything can happen.

Being able to make accurate predictions about future trends and market fluctuations is an essential skill for business leaders. However, as the situation in Madrid demonstrates, this can be even more difficult than you would imagine. Markets can defy expectations in all manner of ways. Whether this is a good or a bad thing for your company will depend on the particular decisions you have made.

The most effective thing you can do as a business leader is to try to prepare for all eventualities. By having contingency plans in place, you can ensure that you are never caught underprepared or unawares, no matter what unexpected twist the markets take.


Madrid is expected to make a surprise economic recovery. Business leaders should use this as an example of how the markets can take us by surprise.

Main Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/WBGjg0DsO_g (Unsplash)