16,800€ is the New Year target for Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre. For some months now the rescue centre, based in Rosales, has been working hard on their next project to provide and build shelters on site. Not only will these provide better facilities for the animals in their care but it is a necessary requirement for the centre to be able to obtain their farm licence which will be a game changer for the future of Easy Horse Care. Founders Sue and Rod Weeding have been doing much of the work themselves on building the shelters and this will continue but Sue explains that as the New Year approaches they are reaching a tight deadline. Sue explains: “We have a quote of 16,800€ for all the materials which we have been fundraising for but we have now been informed that building materials are expected to sky rocket in price in 2023 and so we desperately want to get all materials before this happens.”

The urgent plea comes as a generous donator has offered to match any donation made so the couple are hopeful they can raise the money needed soon before prices increase.

With materials purchased work can continue on the shelters which will lead to the all important farm licence. “We believe this is the key to everything” said Sue. “When we have this we will be eligible for European grants and the council have said when we do this work we will get the licence, it’s not pie in the sky it is reality and it is doable and it is getting nearer and nearer to the dream of having a farm licence. When we get that we will be able to rehome some of our horses which currently we are not permitted to do.”

Easy Horse Care is a registered foundation that will be around for many year. “It will be here forever but the farm licence is the final key to everything we have created and will ensure Easy Horse Care and the work we do will remain.”


If you can help in any way, contact them via their website www.easyhorsecare.net

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