The Department of Health of the Orihuela City Council has launched an awareness campaign entitled “Los animales no son regalos” (“Animals are not gifts”) on the occasion of the Christmas holidays to make the population aware that an animal is not a gift and promote, in turn, their adoption.

Luis Quesada, Councillor for Health, explained that this campaign aims to “raise awareness among the population, precisely on the dates in which we are and that is when children demand it the most as a gift, that they are not a toy, that they feel and they suffer just like a person and therefore, we must take good care of them and not abandon them”.

The campaign is disseminated through posters installed on billboards in the city and on social networks, with images of various animals accompanied by phrases such as “Their main objective is to love you, what is yours?”, “His life depends on you”, “Giving up is never an option” and “Animals are not gifts. Don’t buy animals, adopt.”

In this sense, the Councillor for Health is committed to adopting instead of buying animals and has informed that those who are interested in adopting “can contact the animal protection centre managed by Asoka, by sending an email to Thus, the process will begin with a prior appointment in which the situation of the family and the type of animal requested are analysed in order to choose the one that best suits their needs. After a week of pre-adaptation and if the result is positive for both parties, the adoption will become effective. It must be taken into account that a minimum of 1,000 animals pass through this centre each year”.

Likewise, there is the option of being a foster family for animals that are either going through a recovery process after surgery or treatment or that are waiting to be adopted.