What Is a Rosin Press?
What Is a Rosin Press?

You may have heard about a rosin press and know it is something to do with creating cannabis concentrate, but that might be the total extent of your knowledge in this area. This short overview will highlight all the essential need-to-know points, as well as explain how the press works, and how the concentrate you get from it differs from other extractions.

You will also be interested to know that there are different types of rosin presses available, and the properties of each will also be outlined, so that should you wish to use one yourself, you can find one this fits your requirements.

How a Rosin Press Works

The principle here is very simple. A rosin press uses a combination of heat and pressure to extract the concentrate from the dried herb. It does not use any chemicals or solvents to extract the concentrate and it does not need any dilution or purification. The material used can be in the form of nugs or flowers and the amount of concentrate you get is dependent on several factors:

  • The quantity and quality of what you put in
  • What part of the plant to use
  • The type of machine you use

What Different Types of Rosin Presses Can You Use?

There are essentially two different types of presses, although they both work on the same principle of heat and pressure. However, how much pressure can be defined by whether you chose a hydraulic press or a manual one.

A Manual Rosin Press

A manual press relies purely on human strength to apply the pressure needed, so results can vary according to the amount of effort you put in. This type of unit is typically cheaper than the hydraulic version, as well as being both smaller and compact.

This is also very much an entry-level product for you to discover if this is for you, without spending huge amounts of money upfront. As this is your first purchase, you probably won’t want to cut corners, so looking at the nectar rosin press range will show you what is available.

A Hydraulic Rosin Press

A hydraulic press, as you might expect, will exert more force (a mid-range unit can exert up to 8 tons compared to just 1 ton from a manual unit) on the material, potentially offering a greater yield in a shorter amount of time.

As a result, these machines tend to be both larger and more expensive than their manual counterparts. You might choose to graduate to one of these once you have decided that concentrates are for you, and you want to press your own at home.

To Sum Everything Up

A rosin press is a machine designed to extract concentrate from cannabis materials using pressure and heat, and without using any chemicals or solvents. There are two types of press available – manual and hydraulic – and your choice will decide the amount of concentrate produced when pressed and the speed that you can extract it.