The Department of Commerce and the Association of Merchants of the Municipality of Orihuela (ACMO) have presented a new “Scratch and win” campaign. This time it is launched for Christmas shopping with 4,000 euro at stake.

Although the initiative is only activate for a single day, Saturday 10 December, the idea is that if you spend more than 10 euro in one of the participating stores can get a Scratch and Win card with which they can also obtain 20 or 50 euro to spend in the store.

The Councillor for Commerce, María García, invites all the residents to participate in this initiative that “comes in handy for this time of year when there are many purchases ahead”, in her words. «We would like all the houses in Orihuela to be filled with Oriolan products. We thank the ACMO for carrying out this type of action so that the commercial revitalisation that we always talk about is effective,” she indicated.

The vice president of the ACMO, Pablo Estruch, explained that the objective of this campaign is to encourage Christmas shopping in local businesses. The buyers at the same time will be able to benefit from a scratch card with a prize of ten, twenty or fifty euro. They will be acquired on Saturday and can be redeemed the following week.