Said to be the largest Christmas bauble in Spain, standing 12 metres high, and illuminated by 8,116 LED lights, one of the main attractions of the Christmas decorations in Alicante caught fire this week.

Fire fighters attended the installation after the report of the fire at around 9:30 p.m., and were able to extinguish the firs quickly enough that the bauble was back in service a short time later. Although an investigation will be varied out, it is believed the incident was caused by a short circuit.

This record-breaking bauble is located at one end of the busy Paseo de la Explanada de España, at the confluence with Paseo de Canalejas.

If you like your Christmas decorations big, then Alicante should be on your visit-list this year, as the esplanade is also home to the largest Nativity scene in the world, certified by the Guinness Book of Records.

It includes the figures of the Three Wise Men that José Manuel García Pachi designed. The wise men from the East to visit baby Jesus, the tallest of them is Baltasar with 16 metres, followed by Gaspar at 15.6 metres tall, and Melchor standing 11 metres. Joseph reaches 18.1 metres, and the Virgin Mary measures 10.5.