There is general apathy amongst the international community when it comes to voting in Spanish Local Elections.

It is if they are sleep walking oblivious to what is happening around them!

Many residents with the entitlement to vote fail to ensure that their name is entered on the list of electors and many of those individuals whose name is on the list of electors, do not exercise their right to vote on Election Day,

The effects of this for the residents of Orihuela Costa is that instead of returning a third of the councillors sitting on Orihuela Council, we have none! The lack of appropriate representation from the coast has resulted in Orihuela Costa suffering blatant discrimination and has resulted in the area having the poorest level of services of any area within the Orihuela Municipality.

Orihuela Costa has a population exceeding 33,000 people, and within 10 years Orihuela Costa will be as big as the other 26 Districts combined. Of the twenty-five councillors sitting on the Orihuela Council, none represent the coast, when we should, in fact, return at the majority. The effects are that the whole population of the coast continue to be discriminated against, essential services are denied to them and all sectors of the Orihuela Costa community suffer, despite the coast being the major contributor of the revenue of the Orihuela Municipality.

Unlike the system in the UK, you do not vote for an individual to represent your ward. Proportional representation means that each political party has a list of candidates that are prioritised by their political party, hence you vote for a party not for an individual. Who gains access to this list is left to the political parties concerned? As the main political parties in Orihuela have no presence on Orihuela Costa, e.g. no offices, no political meetings, no constituent surgeries etc., is it any wonder that the lists of candidates offered by these parties FOOD??? have no body on them that actually come from the coast?

Vote to make a difference. Every vote counts. Every vote matters. More votes mean more councillors – it’s that simple!

If you’ve had enough of being embarrassed and ashamed of not only the area where you live, but also the state of the coast in general, the image of Orihuela Costa is one of total abandonment, then vote in May 2023!

If it’s your intention to vote, watch out for our special events around the coast explaining the registration process. In the meantime, you can help by checking your padron and that your details are correct, especially your address.

Orihuela Costa must ensure that they return enough councillors who will advocate for services and resources for the coast. All residents with the right to vote must ensure that their voice is heard and that they contribute to ending the blatant discrimination suffered by all Orihuela Costa residents.

Register to vote. Every vote matters. Vote to make a change. Vote for the future of Orihuela Costa.