The variety of coffee roasting machines became diverse because of the rapid growth and development of modern technologies. New ideas and solutions made machines that can boost coffee production in your roastery. Are you interested in what are the types of coffee roasting machines? Read this article further.

Types of coffee roasting machines

You can single out two main types of coffee roasting machines, namely fuel/gas-powered and electric roasters. Those full-scale coffee roaster machines are fuel or gas-powered because the electricity bill would be too high, if they were electrical.

However, it doesn’t mean that they produce too much NO emissions. They can deliver even up to 125 kg of coffee per hour. On the other hand, small coffee roasters with maximum batch capacity of 1 kg are rather electric. This is a great solution for home-use, small coffee roasteries, or coffee shops.

Among these two main types of coffee roasters, you can find machines that you can put on a table, or a countertop, and machines that require more place, and they must stand on the floor. However, both groups have many fantastic models in the offer. For example, one of the most compact and efficient coffee roasting machine is Cube Coffee Roaster G300 (click here for more information:

This small, but mighty coffee roaster is perfect for everyone who wants to buy a coffee roaster with all essential equipment in the package. This coffee roaster has a cooling plate, cooling basket, roaster hopper – these components that in case of small roasters, you need to purchase separately.

Those who like better traditional solutions will probably choose a fuel powered roasting machine. Classic coffee roasters look like hybrids of a washing machine, since they have a drum, and an oven because they roast green coffee beans. Drum roasters are obviously valuable and appreciated machines by many professional coffee roasters, but hot-air coffee roasting machines become more and more popular.

A great advantage of hot-air coffee roasters that use a cyclone technology (such as the Cube Roster G300) deliver the same results of roasting. There are also additional sensors that measure temperature and control every step of the roasting process. Choose the type you like the most, and the type that suits the overall idea of your coffee place. If you know, what are the types of the coffee roasting machines, you can now consider choosing one. How to do that?

The type of coffee roasting machine you are going to love

When it comes to the drum coffee roasters, there are a few positions that might wake your interests. First of all, take a look at the whole gamut of CMS models. You can find a machine that is suitable for local coffee places. A good example of such a machine is CMS-1.

This model is designed for producing 4 kg of coffee per hour, and the maximum batch capacity is 1 kg. However, you can see its version that was expanded go 125 kg of roasted coffee per hour. There are 4 models of CMS in total: CMS-1, CMS-6, CMS-12, and CMS-30 (the number stands for the maximum batch capacity in kilograms). A similar line is offered by another brand, Genio.

Fans of hot-air and electrical coffee roasters should appreciate products such as Cube Roaster G300, Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2, or Stronghold S7 Pro. These devices are super intuitive to use, they do not require any kind of fuel, they are equipped with many intelligent sensors and operating systems. You can use your laptop to control the whole process of roasting, save your favorite roast profiles to replay them later.

Both types of coffee roasters bring their own special features, so before purchasing one, read the full descriptions, compare different products to make sure that the decision you are going to make is a good one. If you are looking for a trustworthy retailer, visit this website:, and check out the types of coffee roasting machines they offer.