Racing San Miguel are going through a patchy spell with results not favourable in the Valencia 1st Regional Group 8, that sees the club in the lower echelons of the 2022-23 league table.

Racing dropped to 15th in the league after suffering a 5-2 defeat against Elche Dream CF A in mid-November.

However, never-say-die goalkeeper Jose Antonio Martínez has been vociferous at a time when the tide has turned against them.

“I know that it is not the best of times at a football level, but I am not going to leave here without achieving the goal San Miguel,” said Jose Antonio.

“A team that welcomed me with open arms. I just want to give them back giving the best of myself with work – and more work.

“There is still a long way to go,” he added.

Jose Antonio: Fantastic one-handed save.