The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is the time we set aside to remember all those who have fought and died for us to defend our freedom and democracy.


In order to mark this very important time of Remembrance, Campoverde Church in the Community held two events for the people of Campoverde to come together as a community to remember and give thanks for these sacrifices.


On Saturday November 12 a concert was held in Campoverde Church, entitled “O Soldier. Soldier”. Mike and Pip Shail put together a programme of readings and songs about the sacrifices made by all those who fought and for their loved ones who suffered the grief of loss. Around 20 people came to the church to share in this very moving tribute. The donations made at the end of the concert will all be donated to the Royal British Legion.


Sunday November 13 was Remembrance Sunday. Campoverde Church in the Community considers this to be one of the most important dates in our Calendar and has always made a special effort to make our Act of Remembrance special. So, at 6pm Campoverdians came together in the Church Garden to remember and give thanks.


We started with an introduction by James McAllister who reminded us that we were there to remember real people – sons, brothers, fathers, uncles – who were prepared to fight and die to preserve the freedom and democracy that were under imminent threat of being taken away. This fight involved unimaginable pain, suffering and often certain death, but these brave people were prepared to suffer all that so that their families, their country and us today could be free. James likened this sacrifice to that made by Jesus Christ on the cross, not because of any wrong-doing He had committed but to free us from sin and ensure us of eternal life through His death.


The Act of Remembrance included the playing of the Last Post and the Reveille and the laying of the wreath under the cross in the Church Garden. We were pleased that one of the younger members  of our community, Josh Sharp, recited the Exhortation and Mike Shail, ex-services, recited the Kohima Epitaph. Some of those present wrote the names of their loved ones on special little crosses and placed them under the cross. Everyone present felt they had remembered and honoured all those who had given their lives for us in the best way they could.