The World of Betting

When one thinks of the world of gambling and betting, the first thing that probably comes to mind is someone at a casino playing blackjack or craps, or someone placing bets on their favourite sports team and hoping for the best, but funnily enough, the world of betting is much deeper and stranger than one can imagine. One can bet on anything from the outcome of a political election to whether or not a celebrity will win an award.

As it turns out, the activity of betting is one that seems to be ingrained within the human psyche. As a result, it appears that there is a litany of different things that people bet on, and a few of these are surely bound to have you scratching your head and thinking to yourself, “Seriously?”

So while one would be better off gambling through a number of Online sportsbooks in Arizona, such as Unibet Arizona to bring an example, others are much more content with making bets on some of the strangest things imaginable, some which no one would expect.

The End Of The World

There are a variety of sportsbooks and betting sites online that actually do take wagers on the time at which the world will eventually come to an end. This is a particularly challenging proposition.

There are a lot of gamblers on this website who believe that the end of the world will occur on a particular date, and the payouts for those bets can be quite substantial. There is, however, a significant snafu, and that is the fact that no money will actually be given out. If there is no place to spend your money or if you have died along with everyone else on the planet, then you will not be able to spend any money at all.

Kim Jong-Un

If you’re currently blinking your eyes trying to see whether what you’ve just read is correct, believe me when I say that it is. With rising tensions within North Korea, a number of punters have been betting on the different aspects regarding Kim Jong-Un. From the date in which he’ll be out of power, to the different world leaders he fraternises with, to the very means in which he’ll be out of power, it’s a bizarre way for punters and bookmakers to make money.

The Next Dr. Who

This one’s more suited towards British Punters, but it doesn’t make it any less bizarre. The Dr.Who franchise has been going on since the 60’s, with a new actor playing a new iteration of the titular doctor, from David Tennant, to Matt Smith, to the recent addition of Jodie Whittaker.

The matter of who will play the next doctor who is one which has sparked conversations all around, and punters have taken advantage of this by taking bets on who will play the next doctor Who.

Benedict Cumberbatch, and Danny Dyer were both contenders which many people had bet on, but with the reveal of the fourteenth iteration of the doctor, I’m sure all punters were surprised.

Cheese Rolling

This list comes to a close with a sport that is pretty much what you think it is. In this game, participants compete by rolling an old wheel of cheese in the shape of a race; the winner is the one who gets to the finish line first. As is the case with any other sport, bookmakers and bettors have taken an interest in this, but as of right now, the sports betting market for it is rather a specialised one.