With the arrival of November, a month dedicated to theatre comes to Mojácar as a demonstration of the great love of this art in the locality which has prevailed over time.

Under the slogan “Come to the Theatre”, Mojácar Council, through the Culture Department, has actors and actresses appearing on stage at the Multi-Uses Centre every Friday with a display of the talent of our performers and our most renowned writers.

The curtain went up on the Mojácar cycle of theatre with the play “Las Desventuras de Arlecchino” (The misadventures of Arlecchino) by MDM Producciones, who for their particular stage game interact with the public as the main concept of the story and which makes every performance unique.

Next Friday 11th November, again as ever in the Multi-Uses Centre, the play “Tenorio” will be in Mojácar. This time, Zorilla’s famous character. Don Juan Tenorio, appears on stage through three employees of a parcel warehouse, who in their break come across a pile of Tenorio’s books and decide to stage it in a particular style.

For the following Friday 18th November, the classic work “Cornudo y apaleado” (cuckolded and downtrodden), will continue filling the Mojácar Multi-Uses Centre with the adventures and misadventures of Juan Rana, a daft, clumsy and scatterbrained character, who, of course, gets caught up in entanglements orchestrated by his wife and her lover.

Juan Rana is brought to the stage by the theatre company El Ojo del Bululú from Lucena. One actress and two actors from the company will stage four interludes from this golden age of our literature. The picaresque is the most important literary genre of the period known as the “Century of Gold”, and on this occasion presented to us through a master with words, as is Calderón de la Barca.

The interpretation will respect the diction of the period, but with an easy-to-understand language which will be enjoyed by young and old.

To end, on the 25th, “Somos muchas, más que dos” (We are many, more than two), brings the curtain down on this cycle with a project born from the union of two short pieces of theatre: “Me gustas cuando callas” (I like it when you are silent), and “Entretejidas” (interwoven), written by Cecilia Caballero and María Núñez respectively.

Both texts invite reflection, condensing into two fictitious stories a great number of common patterns which the victims of gender-based violence suffer.

Anyone interested in going to one of these performances can get entrance tickets at the Tourist Office in Pura Vida in Mojácar Playa’s Parque Comercial. Tickets have a popular price: three euros per performance.