Those who have read the recent reports will know that SAMM’s (Sailing Association Mar Menor) first two race days suffered from very light winds which meant the bigger boats could not complete or even start the races. At last, on October 30th , the weather was kind to us with the wind at NE 6-7 knots.

Five boats started the first race exactly at 11:15, with all crossing the start line just over a minute after the gun.  Some excellent sailing by all crews, with all playing the tactical race. It was so close at times, with boats crossing the line after each lap only seconds apart, that the race officers struggled to keep up.

Race two also got off to a good start, with the wind dropping 5-6 knots, but all boats still managed to keep close together for some very tight racing. Once again different tactics and lines around the course but still coming together when completing laps.

SAMM run an Average Lap race result system and, after applying the handicaps. Shoestrings Dos won the first race just 6 seconds ahead of Balatons Sirocco. For the second race the positions were reversed with Sirocco beating Dos into second place by 23 seconds. All other boats timings were very close behind them.

An excellent day on the water.

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Winners L to R, Julian Pering and Jurgen Reimann Sirocco, Diane Hardwick and Brian Murray Dos