The Councillor for Infrastructure, Rufino Lancharro, announced on Friday that the council is to carry the temporary pedestrianisation of twelve streets in the town centre that surround the Town Hall building and the Parish Church.

Initially the streets selected will be marked with vertical signage and cut off by planters and flower pots which will be used to prevent the passage of vehicles.

The councillor said that he hoped that the trial will generate additional commercial activity, as well as turning the area “into a friendlier space for pedestrians, reduce the presence of motor vehicles in the narrowest streets and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.”

The streets that will close during the first week of November are calle del Mar, calle Revendo Manuel Puigcerver, calle Doctor Marañón, calle Vivaldi, calle Diagonal, calle Doctor Fleming, calle Pedro Gea, calle Almirante Manuel Rebollo García, and calle La Isla and calle Escultor Manuel Ribera Girona as far as the intersection with calle Triana.

Lancharro added that there are more and more empty commercial properties in the centre of Pilar into which it is necessary to encourage business. He said that the council is also considering a reduction in municipal fees and suma for such entrepreneurs

If the trial works well a number of adjoining streets will also be closed.