THE PSOE has denounced the state of the football pitch at the Guillermo Amor athletics track where grassroots soccer teams train in Alicante.

The socialists criticised the facilities stating they are ‘not the safest for sports practice’.

The municipal socialist group has warned of the state of the Benidorm based grass field. Criticism states that the municipal facilities have not been cleaned and minimal maintenance has not been carried out – despite having hosted festivals in the summer.

They have denounced the current conditions which are used for the training of young boys and girls of different football clubs.

“This field is full of dirt and the surround has numerous irregularities that can cause injuries,” said a PSOE spokesperson.

“In a few months, however, works will begin to build new artificial turf soccer fields on the grounds of the athletics track. In the meantime the City Council should not hire the soccer field to the teams in these unfortunate conditions,” they added.

The socialist group have demanded that the government team urgently clean and refurbish the municipal facilities, enabling teams to train in suitable conditions.

Benidorm City Council, through the Local Government Board (JGL), approved the award of the contract for the reconstruction of the outdoor sports court of the Ciudad Deportiva ‘Guillermo Amor’ for a budget of €90,490.23.

The reconstruction of the track will entail a change in its orientation, as explained by the Councillor for Sports, Mariló Cebreros.

*Guillermo Amor stadium, Alicante. It’s former name was Estadio Municipal de Foietes – Foietes – re-named in 2010, in honour of Guillermo Amor, a former player and football coach. He played as a midfielder and spent most of his career at Futbol Club Barcelona during the 1990s. His final game as a professional was with Livingston FC in 2005.

Caption: PSOE denounced state of football pitch at Guillermo Amor athletics track.