Ceiba Speciosa – commonly called the Silk Floss Tree – is a grand ornamental deciduous showy tree, with some unusual traits.

The tree has a bulging prickly trunk, exotic flowers, tall size, silky floss and pear-sized seeds pod!

Whilst stunning and eye catching, the tree does end up leaving a good amount of waste after the leaves, seeds, and floss are shed.

Mature trees can be as thick as 7ft in girth at the bulge, which is densely covered with sharp prickles that defend the tree from climbing wildlife.

These prickles are a hazard to humans and make maintenance a bit of a chore.

They make that up, with  gorgeous flowers in the form of hibiscus, reaching 5-6 inches wide, with bright colour of pink with a white centre.

The dazzling flowers cover the canopy when in bloom and are a magnet for all pollinators into your garden.

The silk tree prefers full sun and will achieve maximum blooms when given 6-8 hours of sun daily.

Whatever type of soil the silk floss tree is planted in, it should be well-draining. Acidity is preferred, but, it will tolerate an alkaline environment too.

There is no requirement to fertilise. Irrigate the tree, until roots are established, after which the silk floss is drought-tolerant. Extended droughts hamper flowering.