The Mojácar Municipal Music Band has been in the Albacete town of Alcalá de Júcar as part of the recreational trips that the Local Council organises annually for its members and which has taken them nearly all over the country.

After two years of postponement due to Covid, the members of the Municipal Band are once again enjoying a few days of downtime and of getting together as a reward for their collaboration on all the official acts, festivities and concerts that are held throughout the year in the municipality.

This time it was one of the prettiest villages in Spain, in Albacete, which was the venue for several intense days, on which 40 of the more than 60 musicians who make up the full team enjoyed sport, culture and entertainment, among other activities.

The youngsters were accompanied by their director, Miguel Ángel Miranda, and by the Mojácar Local Authority councillors, Pedro Torres and Francisco García Cerdá.

A well-deserved break before starting the new school year and the rehearsals, as October will take them to their first engagement, on the ninth of the month, when they will actively take part in the events organised for the festivities for the Mojácar patron saint, the Virgen del Rosario.

Following this engagement with their patron saint, they have the Regional Meeting of Municipal Music Bands on their agenda, which will be held in Antas and Garrucha to start working on the traditional Christmas concerts, as well as a nice project planned for these dates.

“Tu pueblo me suena” (your village sounds familiar), is the name for a fun idea that involves all the locality’s residents and in which the volunteers have to imitate famous singers and their songs with the accompaniment of the Municipal Music Band and under the baton of its director.

For its part, the Municipal Music School, talent pool for the Municipal Band, has extended its registration period to the end of September for anyone, regardless of their age or chosen musical instrument, can begin the marvellous adventure of going deeper into the world of music, and if they wish, being able to join one of the province’s most highly regarded music bands.