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La Nostra Copa kicks-off

The FFCV have released all the details of the 1st edition of the Copa Comunitat Mediterrànea ‘La Nostra Copa’ for men’s futsal – the competition that changed the panorama of regional football last season.

The qualifying rounds of the I La Nostra Copa de futsal (2022-23) got underway this month with 1st round games on September 11-12.

The FFCV has published Circular No. 11 in which all aspects of this competition, new for the 2022-23 season, are reflected.

“In total there are 163 teams that will compete this year to be the best team in the Valencian Community and for the jackpot: to qualify to play the Generalitat Cup,” said a FFCV statement.

There are 163 teams registered in total, of which 32 are from the Third Division, 44 from the Preferred Regional, 51 from the First Regional and 36 from the Second Regional.

The First and Second Regional teams come into play from the first round;  those of Preferred and Third will do so from the second round.

The competition will play a total of six elimination rounds and a Final Phase (semi-finals and final), all in a single match.

Eliminatory phases will be held whenever possible applying the criterion of geographical proximity.  The lower category teams will always play their qualifiers on their field against a higher category team.

In all ties, except the Final, there will be no extra time and ties will be decided by a penalty shoot-out.  In the final there will be extra time before penalties.

The dates for the qualifying rounds of the I La Nostra Copa de futsal (22-23):

1st round: September 11-12, 2022. 2nd round: October 8-9 or 12. 3rd round: November 1-2. 4th round: November 10-11.

Round 5 – January 7-8, 2023. Round 6: February 14-15. Semi-finals: March 14-18. Final: To be determined by the FFCV. The scheduled dates can be modified in case of specific need of the competition.

Win for Monte in Fred Griggs Trophy

Sporting Saladar defeated CD Montesinos 3-1 in the first round for the qualifying rounds of the I La Nostra Copa de futsal.

*The annual Fred Griggs trophy 2022 ended with CD Montesinos defeating Sporting Club Saladar 5-0.

FFCV 2nd Regional Youth Soccer

Torrevieja, Racing San Miguel, CD Montesinos, CF Rafal, CD Horadada Thair, and CF Racing Playas De Orihuela are amongst teams in 29 Groups of the FFCV Second Regional Youth Soccer 2022-23 season, that kicked-off on September 18.

Also lining-up in the Football Federation of the Valencian Community group categories include Segona Regional Juvenile Group 21, Athletic Benejuzar A, Benferri CF A, Torrevieja CF B, CF Promesas Torrevieja, CF Promesas De Rojales B, and FB Redovan A.

In Group 20 Segona Regional Orihuela CF B are represented, along with Elche Sporting A, CD At. San Fulgencio A, Alicante City FC A, Athletico Crevillente, and CF Sporting Albatera, amongst the 16 teams.

Pinoso CF A, UD La Coca-Aspense, UDF Sax A, UE Crevillente, Aspe UD A, Monforte CF A, and Monovar Ath. A, are amongst the 16 teams in Group 17.

Day at the beach for San Miguel youngsters

Racing San Miguel infantile coaches Mario Pastor Gómez and Juan Antonio Moreno Zafra put the squad through their paces – with a day at the beach! Photos: RSM.