Last week it was an antique cannon (click here to read about that), this week, it’s the remains of a Roman anchor, as it seems like the Mediterranean Sea is giving up some of the treasures from the deep and delivering them to the shore.

A lead stock belonging to a Roman anchor has been found on the coast of Pilar de la Horadada and will be deposited in the Archaeological Museum of the municipality, where cleaning and desalination will be carried out.

Like the cannon, the discovery was made by a local resident, who informed the municipal archaeology service so that they could take charge of the discovery. The local archaeologist, María García Samper inspected the area in search of new finds.

The culture delegate, Darío Quesada, highlighted “the importance of citizen collaboration. Well, if we separate an archaeological piece from its surroundings, without the corresponding study by an expert, we will be tearing a page out of a book, which will decontextualise the finding.