The renovation of children’s play areas begins this Monday, August 26, with a term of execution of 6 months.

The project will include improvements in 78 children’s play areas in the local parks together with the creation of new ones. For the first time, awnings are to be included in some of the playgrounds, in addition to all the floors being changed to personalised non-slip, non-toxic and ecological rubber. All areas will have some type of inclusive game for children with different abilities.

Plaza de la Habana

In addition to the renovation of all the children’s areas of the city, new playgrounds will be built in Mar Azul-Eliseos Playa, Los Balcones, Los Altos, Nueva Torrevieja, Plaza del Calvario, La Mata and La Coronelita.

The first phase of the Plan will get underway in the children’s areas of Parque de las Naciones, Parque de la Estación, Plaza Islas Canarias and Plaza de La Habana, all of which will be renovated.

In the Parque de las Naciones, a themed house will be created for children aged 2-3 with interactive games, awnings, two double swings (one with an inclusive chair and the other with a cradle-type chair), an inclusive multigame, a see-saw and inclusive docks.

Works will also be undertaken in La Mata, at plaza Encarnación Puchol, plaza Perfecta Rodríguez, the children’s área in la calle Purificación and in the Área Recreativa Municipal “José Eduardo Gil Rebollo”.