Plans for a new development adjacent to Orihuela Costa Go Karts have been put on display at the request of the developer, Marcos y Bañuls, in the face of opposition from the owner of 33% of the land.

The move is a preliminary step to the urbanisation of one of the few spaces that remains free of concrete in the area of the N-332, just on the other side of the road from where the controversial project ‘D-1 Alameda del Mar’, better known as Cala Mosca, is due to be flooded by the construction of a further 2,200 homes.

Now, there is a period of one month to submit objections to the forced re parcelling of the land which the company has justified in the face of the rejection of voluntary re parcelling by some of the owners. Specifically, there are three.

One of them is Germán Sánchez, proprietor of Go-Karts Orihuela Costa, which occupies 17,000 square metres of the land.

His opposition is due to the fact that the urban developer is offering compensation of 300,000 euros. “It doesn’t even pay for the tarmac,” says Sánchez, who calculates that the value of the facilities plus the cessation of activity, the losses of earnings from a profitable business, is equivalent to about 5 million euros.

At the same time he is critical of the fact that the area will lose a leisure and sports activity, which is very popular among both local and visiting children.

Sánchez has said that before he presents formal objections to the project he will request cancellation of the plan by the Orihuela Council.

He has sent a letter to the mayor of Orihuela, Carolina Gracia, asking that she “orders the immediate suspension of the works” having verified that “the developer has not obtained urban authorisation”, in reference to the demolition being carried out by of the old El Sarmiento restaurant.

Demolition of the old El Sarmiento restaurant has gone ahead without authorisation.

He points out that in the middle of August, “the demolition work is causing considerable damage to my business, inconveniencing my clients, which is resulting in a considerable economic loss.”

This is one of the projects that is gathering pace in Orihuela Costa, along with the Cala Mosca urbanisation, the last virgin kilometre of the Orihuela coast, where the builder has stated his intention to restart the works before the end of the year.

However, Cambiemos has warned the government that the construction is a red line that jeopardises the pact that gave rise to the recent motion of censure and its support to the new government with it’s three councillors.

A further example is the Council plan for a specific modification of the PGOU, at the request of a developer, to change dotacional land – currently reserved for sports, administrative, health or cultural use – to residential, in order to build 58 homes in Playa Flamenca.