Last weekend, the El Palmerar municipal auditorium in Santa Pola hosted the gala for the election of the Queen of the Santa Pola Festivals, which had not been held since 2019 due to the pandemic.

The Queen Major of 2022 was chosen by popular vote among those attending the gala who named Claudia Napoletano Sempere, the new Queen Major.

The Mayor of Santa Pola, Loreto Serrano congratulated the new Queen and the other four candidates who will make up her court of honour. Serrano highlighted “the great role of all the candidates and the importance of the Santapolera woman in history, who has been the great breadwinner of the family, and this election is a tribute to all those women”.

Now, the stage is set for Santa Pola to celebrate, with both the patron saint festivities, and the Moors and Christians events combining to take over the town from 31 August until 8 September.

Here is the full schedule of events:

31st August

20:30 Grand Switch-on of Festival Illuminations.

22:30 Official Opening Speech 2022 by Président of l’Exma. Diputación Provincial d’Alicante M. Carlos Mazón Guixot.

When the opening speech finishes, the opening of the street festivals start in many streets in the town.

1st September

09:00 Reveille (Beginning of the day with firecrackers).

10:00 Moorish assault on Levante beach opposite the Town Hall. Firing of arquebuses.

12:00 Musical procession by “Asociación Festero Cultural de Moros y Cristianos”, “Unión Musical Santa Pola Band” and “Colla el Freu”. Starting from the Town Hall.

13:30 “Mascletà” (firecrackers) at the Castle.

19:00 Public appearance of Festival Chairmen (Moors and Christians) heading for the harbour (Moors) and the castle (Christians).

MOORS SIDE. Moors’ envoy opposite the Castle. The Moors’ envoy accompanied by his escort, asks for the surrender of the Christians.

MOCK BATTLE, with attack on the Castle. Surrender & occupation of the Castle by the Moors.

MOORS MARCH starting at the harbour.

21:30 Music at Auditorium Palmeral Park.

22:30 Procession visiting the decorated Streets.

22:30 Street festivals in many streets in the town.

2nd September

09:00 Reveille.

12:00 Musical parade performed by Moors and Christians.

15:00 Cohetà (firecrackers).

19:00 Gathering of Festival Chairmen (Moors & Christians), heading for the Castle (Moors) and from Elche St to the Muelle St (Christians).

CHRISTIAN SIDE opposite the Castle, the embassador accompanied by his escort and proceed to reconquer the castle from the Moors.

Christians march.

RECONQUER. Mock Battle with firecrackers in both sides, surrender and giving the square back by the Moors.


21:30 Music at Auditorium Palmeral Park

22:30 Street Festival in many streets in the town.

3rd September

09:00 Despertà.

09:00 Petanca competition, Palmeral Park.

11:00 Sailing Race. Departure from Yacht Club

15:00 Cohetà.

20:00 Procession with brass bands (Moors and Christians) from Muelle Street to El Palmeral Park.

20:30 MAIN PARADE OF MOORS AND CHRISTIANS. Itinerary: From Palmeral Park, Elche St, Glorieta Square, Muelle St up to the harbour.

21:30 Music at Auditorium Palmeral Park

23:00 Street Festivals in various streets around the town.

4th September.

09:00 Reveille.

11:00 Sailing Race. Departure from de Yacht Club.

12:00 Musical procession by Unio de Festers Starting point La Glorieta Square.

15:00 Cohetà.

17:00 Popular race “Alfonso Espin” in Glorieta square

20:00 Family theatre in the Castle.

21:30 Music at Auditorium Palmeral Park

22:00 Bring your own supper, in Elche Street.

22:30 Street Festivals in various streets around the town.

5th September

09:00 Reveille.

12:00 Snack- Party time, with Children’s games at Glorieta square

15:00 Cohetà.

18:00 Bike circuit for children, organized by Parque de Trafico, Registering at Children’s library

19:30 Inflatable attractions for children. Glorieta Square.

19:30 “Correbous infantil” Children’s games at Glorieta Square

21:30 Music at Auditorium Palmeral Park

22:30 Street Festivals in various streets around the town.

23:00 FIRECRACKERS SHOW, runnin along several streets: Muelle st, Glorieta…

23:00 Music performance at Maestro Quislant square.

6th September

09:00 Reveille.

12:00 Musical amusement at Glorieta Square.

15:00 Cohetà.

20:30 COLOURFUL PARADE WITH FLOATS. Itinerary: Palmeral Park, Elche St, Glorieta and Muelle St.

22:30 Music at Auditorium Palmeral Park

22:30 Street Festivals in various streets around the town.

01:00 Firework Display. Location: Levante beach breakwater.

7th September

09:00 Reveille.

15:00 Cohetà.

19:00 Meeting of “festeros” at Plaza del Mercado for the floral offering.

19:30 Floral offering start with festival participants. Itinerary: Mayor, Angel, Elche streets and Castle.

20:00 Floral offering to Our Lady the Virgen de Loreto in the Castle Chapel. And Serenade dedicated to Virgen de Loreto.

01:00 “Mascletà Nocturna”. Pyrotechnic show next to the Castle.

8th September

08:45 Reveille.

09:00 Solemn Mass in the Castle in honour of Our Lady and Patron Virgin de Loreto

10:30 Original Motet in honour of Our Lady, by MARE DE DEU DE LORETO Association. At the Castle.

13:30 Fireworks, “Mascletá” Site: next to the Castle.

20:00 SOLEMN PROCESSION of our Patron Saint the Virgin of Loreto. From the Castle to Cruz St, Colón St, Mercado, Mayor St, Ángel St, Elche St and back to the Castle.

01:00 Grand fireworks display. Site Levante Beach with Final Powerful Cannonade.

To coincide with the celebrations, the Councillor for Equality, Gela Roche, has announced that their will be so-called “violet points” located in Santa Pola, aimed at raising awareness of gender violence.

The fishing village will have an information and prevention point on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September, coinciding with the days of Moors and Christians and greatest influx of people. The point will be located in the surroundings of the castle of Santa Pola.

The Councillor emphasises that “we anticipate a multitudinous party, after 2 years without celebrations and in Santa Pola as always we are committed to safe parties, with fun and with responsibility. With the aim of informing and preventing, we will have a point of care for women in the nerve centre of the festivities, in the morning, evening and night, which will be attended by professionals”.

The City Council has also launched an awareness campaign in the streets and on social networks, with fans and informative leaflets that include a decalogue for safe holidays, in addition to all the information telephones.