Torrevieja´s Councillors for Development and Employment, Domingo Paredes, and Social Welfare, Tomás Ballester, welcomed 11 young people, all under 30 years of age, to the town hall, to start their contracts of full-time employment for the next 12 months, within of the EMPUJU-2022 program.

All of them come to strengthen various municipal departments such as Social Welfare, Education, Personnel, Innovation and the Treasury. To carry out these contracts, Torrevieja has received a subsidy from LABORA amounting to 275,508.80 euro to carry out this employment plan.

Domingo Paredes, in welcoming the staff, has valued this type of program that manages, on the one hand, to give experience to the youngest residents of the town to improve their curriculum vitae and access to the labour market and, on the other hand, to help the local administration, at a time when a lot of staff are needed to meet all social demands.