The marijuana plantation was located in an industrial building in the district of Santo Ángel. Iberdrola operators had to intervene as a result of a fraudulent electricity connection

Agents from the National Police have arrested six men of Spanish and Bolivian nationality for their participation in alleged crimes of drug trafficking and electricity fraud.

The investigators learned of the existence of an industrial warehouse in the Murcian district of Santo Ángel, in which they suspected the cultivation of marijuana, as a result of which they established discreet surveillance.

National Police seize 2,300 marijuana plants and arrest six people in Murcia

When the thought that the detainees planned to release the merchandise, the agents swooped on the premises, locating the detainees inside together with a large quantity of marijuana buds that were in the process of drying.

They eventually were able to seize a total of 2,300 plants weighing 92 kilos together with 3 kilograms of marijuana pollen and another 8 kg of leaf bite.

The National Police initially requested the collaboration of Iberdrola as they suspected the existence of an illegal electricity connection. When it was confirmed the Iberdrola technicians  carried out a number of technical actions to guarantee the safety of the agents and avoid the risk of fire, a  common occurrence in this type of indoor installations.

The investigation and operation was carried out by members of Judicial Police from Murcia, part of the National Police Group of the Region of Murcia.