Residents of Los Alcázares were invited to attend the informative session ‘Aid to individuals for the energy rehabilitation of homes’ within the training program associated with the Urban Agenda document that is being prepared by the local council. In the seminar, attendees were explained how to reduce the energy consumption of homes through energy efficiency and what aid they can benefit from to rehabilitations.

Current technology in terms of energy efficiency in buildings has allowed the homes that are currently being built to have practically zero energy consumption. Even those that have been built since 2007 have done so under demands for reductions in consumption of nearly 80% compared to what happened before.

Europe has 80 million buildings that were built without any energy requirements. Now it is a priority for the European Union to address its rehabilitation, incorporating solutions that significantly reduce its energy demand and consumption.

In the talk held at the Los Alcázares Town Hall, the strategy to be followed to address the process of energy rehabilitation of a home was shown. Starting with the windows and the opaque enclosures, incorporating insulation on the inside, on the outside or injected into the air chamber. Continuing with the change of air conditioning and hot water production systems. And, to conclude, once demand has been adjusted and energy consumption has been reduced, renewable energy facilities (mainly solar) can be used to cover part of this consumption.

Finally, the aid options offered by the new recovery funds were discussed, both for complete buildings and for single-family homes. The examples shown assume subsidy percentages that range between 40% and 80% depending on the level of savings achieved. In addition, in case of economic vulnerability, the aid could cover up to 100% of the costs, including IVA.

Also in the context of the Urban Agenda, the Council has launched a survey ‘Imagining the future’ available until August 13, where citizens can comment and share ideas about Los Alcázares. It can be filled out online ( ) or in person at a traveling office.