• Quote: ‘We are authorised and do not want to bother anyone. They are fed with food, medicals and sterilised to control colonies and areas are kept clean. What else do they want from us?’

A ROW has broken out surrounding the feeding of feral cats in Torrevieja – that has lead to denunciation threats against those caring for felines in Calle Poniente, next to the park, close to the Salinas.

“Does anyone still think that we cat feeders choose to sleep little, to go and feed at night and in secret?,” said Natividad Alonso, who is a member of the group ‘Help Animals in Torrevieja’.

“Do we choose to suffer – when there are babies or sick animals in the colony – and we cannot attend?

“Should we choose where we are going to make a colony of cats?  Does anyone still think we have money, to buy food or to sterilise?,” she said.

“Yes, there are still people who think it is so. The last move has been in Calle Poniente, next to the park that is attached to the Salinas.

Threat of denuncia

“Our fellow feeder has been threatened with a complaint, followed to her house, harassed by neighbours who say that she should feed the cats further away from her house.

“But the cats have been there for years, between the bushes. We can’t tie up or train cats, not to come into gardens.

“Perhaps these neighbours prefer to have rats and cockroaches in the garden? It would be what would happen, if cats did not exist in that area.

“I make a personal plea to those people who arrive for 15 days and do not allow us to continue our lives and that of the animals.

Authorised by the council

“We are authorised to feed and we are the first ones who do not want to bother anyone, so they are fed with appropriate food, medicals and sterilised to control the colonies and the areas are kept clean. What else do they want from us?

“We ask for respect and understanding. We ask that you let the animals that are defenseless live.

“We have put up posters and we talk to neighbours to make them understand. But we know that it will not be the solution.

“They do not want to understand, they do not want a solution, they want to impose.

“Judge for yourselves, if cats can bother you so much in that area. Thanks to those who support us,” she added.

Antonio Bravo from Torrevieja said: “Lots of strength and encouragement to you all.

“I get up early to take my furry ones out and when I see the feeder in my area, I feel comforted, thinking that there are still good people.”

Denuncia notice in Calle Poniente, next to the park, near Salinas.
Denuncia notice in Calle Poniente, next to the park, near Salinas.

Torrevieja based Veronica Grieco said: “Those people who have nothing to do, who continue to threaten the people who feed the cats.

“BThey should worry about their things, about their house, about their lives, not bothering others, who are going to denounce what people give eating street cats is hilarious.

“That’s how those bitter people must live, disgusting people.”

Angel Martin Rodriquez reasoned: “I live all year round and there are cats in the park of the water mill in La Mata.

“I don’t even know who feeds them, gives them water, the only thing I do know is that if they weren’t there, there would be the rats, and cockroaches.

“Along with the months that more litter bins, benches, lampposts, trees break, destroyed in the months of July and August.”

Feral cat colony in Benijofar

Rich Jason who looks after feral cats in Benijofar said: “All food donations are welcome for my feral cat colony in Benijofar.

“I have been feeding this colony for 12 years now and it doesn’t get any easier. Thank you in advance.

“The Drop off address is The Post Room, Calle San Jaime 5, Benijofar 03178.”

Caption: Food donations wanted for Benijofar feral cats.