Technology is developing quickly, and it has many implications not just in our everyday lives but in the business sector as well. So, it’s safe to say that with the mainstream adoption of the internet, many new innovations have emerged on the market, which only changed the business sector for the better. So, right now, there are important business trends that are based on new technological solutions, and we will cover their impact below.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology represents one of the most significant tech innovations, and it comes as no surprise that it has had the biggest influence on the market since the advent of the internet.

Mobile devices have changed the way we communicate with each other in our everyday lives, and the same applies to businesses that had to make big changes to their websites as well as an online presence in order to cater to mobile users.

Due to the integration of mobile devices in the business sector, almost every website nowadays has its mobile version, with an even higher number of eCommerce shops or membership programs that have their own separate mobile apps.

This trend is also pretty popular in the online gambling sector, and actually, there are there isn’t a casino nowadays that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly casino site that offers hundreds of different casino games and basically the same features as the desktop version of the online casino site.

Also, there are mobile-optimized applications that are specifically designed for mobile gambling. So today, users can learn the rules of the game of blackjack on the move or play any blackjack game they want, for example, from a mobile application or a mobile casino site.

The same applies to any other casino game, including poker, roulette, craps, slots, and other options. Every developer in the market has put the effort into creating high-quality mobile casino games, so it’s safe to say that every business sector has shifted its focus toward mobile users.

This happened not just because this is a significant technological innovation but because there are over 8 billion smartphones on a global scale, and typically, mobile users spend on a daily basis at least four hours on their smartphones.

In other words, not only users are spending more time on their smartphones, and they are generally reachable on mobile devices, but the audience of mobile users is exponentially growing, and it’s actually catching up with the number of global population.


Chatbots today are widely popular and represent a great technological solution that is created to improve the customer experience on websites that deal with many customer queries. There are different chatbots from ones created to only answer simple questions and pre-programmed to solve basic queries, but there are also chatbots based on machine learning technology that is capable of providing assistance for more complicated issues.

They are also able to keep learning from previous answers and improve their response over time. In the not too distant future, it’s expected for chatbots to derive valuable insights from the accumulated data and customize their assistance to their customers’ needs.

Cloud and Edge Computing

Cloud computing is really important for online businesses because it deploys technological infrastructure (databases, software, storage, etc.) over the internet to the business. Therefore, they don’t need to make any expensive investment, and it helps businesses minimize and control their costs while at the same time they have access to valuable insights and enhanced security. There are different types of cloud services- PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS.

Edge computing is another innovation in cloud computing that brings the IT resources closer to the source of data in order to shorten response times. As this is a distributed information technology (IT) architecture, it is the preferred option for time-sensitive data in remote areas.


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are no longer taboo topics, and actually, many major brands from the business sector decided to accept crypto payments. They jumped to the crypto bandwagon not just because they wanted to expand their target audience but also to leverage the advantages provided by blockchain technology.

Namely, virtual currencies are powered by blockchain technology which is known for its highly secure encryption technology, short processing times, anonymity, and total transparency of the networks’ data. Some of the most popular brands that accept crypto payments nowadays are Microsoft, Whole Foods, Twitch, Overstock, and others.