With the summer season visitors increasing this month the issues of car parking will increase as swarms of tourists head to Spain for their holidays.

In Orihuela City centre blue zone short stay pay and display parking returned in late June after the concessionary company Setex Aparki contract ended in January, now under municipal company ILDO.

During a visit into the city centre Glorieta Gabriel Mirò park, car park spaces were few and far between, with retailers missing out on footfall surrounding the issue.

“People come to Orihuela and find it very difficult to park, having driven around looking, eventually leaving,” said local retailers association vice president Pablo Ferrer.

Many establishments around the Plaza were quiet during an afternoon stay.

Meetings are to take place every three months, under the umbrella of a committee of councillors from all parties on the full council, and representatives of the company ILDO to analyse the viability of the service.

Mayoress Carolina Garcia said: “Possible modifications to make the service more attractive will be discussed and will be put to a vote in a future full council meeting.”

“It is very important for trade in Orihuela. There are enormous advantages to be able to park for commerce, hotels and catering trade,” added ACMO vice president Pablo Ferrer.

Caption: Orihuela City centre blue zone short stay pay and display parking returned. Photo: Andrew Atkinson.