The Benejúzar City Council has confirmed the twinning procedures between the municipalities of Benejúzar and Point Saint, following a decision that was voted unanimously in favor at a recent plenary session.

Pont Saint Esprit is a municipality of 10,600 inhabitants in the heart of Occitan Provence. A region of vineyards and fruit and vegetable producers. It also has 12 historical monuments.

Benejúzar mayor, Rosa García, was approached by the Point Saint Councilor for Festivities, Hélène Rodes, together with her husband, José Rodes, a member of the Pont Saint Esprit twinning committee.

She said that the objective of twinning is to strengthen ties of friendship, as well as weave synergies and promote the exchange of experiences, cultural and tourist activities between the residents of both municipalities.

Pont Saint Esprit