After being asked by the new Provincial Grand Master of Valencia to support four principal charities this year. Local Lodge Hiram Abif wasted no time in responding to the request.  In conjunction with the Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia,  a  donation of two thousand euros was made to the soup kitchen of Saint Gabriel.

The WM was received by the President of the Association Sr Antonio Moya and a member of the management team Sr Antonio Nieto.

The photo shows the sincere gratitude of this institution that carries out enormous work for the benefit of many people who are in real need in our province.

In Hiram Abif Lodge they are already planning to continue helping this soup kitchen in the future as it already has an enormous amount of work to do and which, unfortunately, we believe will increase significantly in the coming months.

Hiram Abif Lodge No 80  would also like to express their deepest gratitude for the important contribution made by our Worshipful Provincial Grand Master and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia to which they are deeply proud to belong.

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