Fiestas de la Reconquista de Moros y Cristianos

Orihuela has launched a campaign to promote the Fiestas de la Reconquista de Moros y Cristianos on television screens located in different post offices across the country, featuring a 20-second video showing the main events.

“We are hoping that it will be declared a festivity of International Tourist Interest” said Cllr María García, at a presentation last week along with Manolo Ortuño, vice president of La Asociación de Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos “Santas Justa y Rufina”.

The campaign began on June 15 and will continue until July 17, the twenty-second promotional video of the festivities is being broadcast on the screens in the Valencia Post Office and the main offices of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza and Malaga. Then, from July 18 to 31, a new Orihuela promotional video will be broadcast.

Fiestas de la Reconquista de Moros y Cristianos
Fiestas de la Reconquista de Moros y Cristianos

María García said that “we want to show the whole of Spain what we do in Orihuela at our fiestas, the parades, the joy, the different activities, el Día del Pájaro, the Day of the Bird… We also hope to encourage people who live in and around the municipality to come and join with us together with the many tourists who not only enjoy our city, but also the celebrations”.

There will be promotions in the María Moliner Municipal Library and in the old courts building. We will also be organising festive makeup workshops for the weekend of the Moorish and Christian event. “We want the whole community to feel part of the party and have a great experience” said García.

July tourist routes to include an English-speaking event together with festive makeup workshops

The July tourist routes got underway last Thursday with the Monumental route, which portrays the main historical monuments of the city, and included a tasting of products from the Vega Baja and a live performance of a flamenco show given by an Orihuela company.

“This month we are including local commerce in our tourism activities so that visits to the can also show the different economic sectors”, said María García, Councillor for Tourism.

The program for the month, in which the Reconquest and Moors and Christians festivals are celebrated, also includes two festive make-up workshops and last Saturday, there was a theatrical route of “La Armengola” to publicize the Legend the Orihuela heroine.

Rutas Turísticas julio
Rutas Turísticas julio

Orihuela Costa will once again have family activities on the Esplanade of Playa Flamenca “after the great reception they had in June. This month we have organized two workshops, a storytelling event and another in which, for two hours, we will create a circus atmosphere with soap bubbles, activities with hoops, and juggling so that children and parents can enjoy the show while they will be able to eating popcorn or candyfloss”, said María García.

More information on the events and activities is available at or at the local tourist offices.


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